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A fabulous trend, chalkboards. Chalkboards!? Yes chalkboards. Its everywhere. In boutique shops, in kitchens, in bedrooms and off course in weddings! What purpose does it serve? Well, in weddings, it is absolutely fun – you can write wedding menus, use it to guide your guests ie. this way to the dessert table, use it for table numbers…and more. Scroll down, I’ve collected a few images to show you how you can use it. I actually saw chalkboard stick ons at Coles.

Sources: Row 1;Black Chalkboard Insulated Beverage Tote Bag Cooler –AmazonThe Knot, Row 2; High Street Market, Row 3; This Next, Kaboodle

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Being an avid reader there can be nothing more satisfying than incorporating a personal favourite romance novel into a wedding day somehow. I know, or better yet I’m positive there are many brides that feel the same way. With that in mind, my daily Etsy tour/search/browse brought me to this, a Vintage Wuthering Heights Confetti.  You can use it for multiple purposes and ddeforest (creator) is able to do this using music notes amongst other things.

A suggestion, if you are looking for your own DIY project; create the paper cone yourself using one of your favourite novels and fill it with treats. This can be guests’ take home, favours or keepsake.

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Little Brown Bride

A shout out to Little Brown Bride and wishes of congratulations on getting married. Thank you for including us in your Blogroll. You’ve got a fab blog and I recommend any bride planning a South Asian wedding to drop in on LLB’s blog for some tips.

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We’ve seen the sweet tables of chocolate, candies, pastries, cake and fruits. What we haven’t seen is a table of Indian sweets. You can easily add a little culture and taste of India. Open up a midnight sweet table with some chai, some Indian sweets, and some tropical fruits.

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Flirty Girls

If you’re not sure what you want to do for your girlfriends bachelorette party my suggestion is Flirty Girls. They provide private parties and have workshops on the weekends for all the girls to attend. They have everything from lap dance to pole dancing so be sure to check it out!

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Napkins. Matter.

If you are going for elegance my advice is keep it simple. Do NOT stick the napkins in the glass. Use simple napkin folds and it will create a great look.

Photo Credits:

(From left to right): Row 1: Beautiful Silks; Sofia Negron ; Row 2: ;The Knot ; Row 3: Colin Cowie Napkin Folds; Rabbit Ear Fold  (Image by Arras K)

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As my girlfriends and I stood outside enjoying the beautiful weather in Toronto whilst discussing weddings: we came to a conclusion. It’s now time to give up on the matching bridesmaid dresses. It’s overdone, boring and completely cliche. Majority of the time these dresses costs an arm and a leg. Second, you’ll never catch your girlfriends wearing them again; prime example is the A-line pink bridesmaid dress with rose buds which i wore to my cousins wedding – now in the hands of Salvation Army , 2 years later. Third, your friends are beautiful in their own way and they each carry a different body type: should they not then buy something that complements their body?

Our solution is, think Sex and the City I. Each of the ladies in SATC wore long elegant gowns (theme = long gowns) to complement their complexion and body.  There are two ways you can go, you can either give your girls a color swatch and let them choose a dress that will compliment their body or you can set a theme.

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