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This next post is long overdue. I’ve been meaning to share with readers Lori Hutchinson, the incredibly talented cake designer extraordinaire, and now I’m finally getting the chance. Lori Hutchinson is ‘The Caketress‘ as her work is catered to the very needs/theme of every wedding couple. Her work and design is impeccable, the taste – savoury. The Caketress maintains a blog that is constantly updated with fabulous work, be sure to take a peek or two .

So if you’re looking for the right cake and designer, I suggest you add The Caketress to your list of cake vendors.

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If you’re planning to have a sweet table/dessert table at your wedding then you definitely need to check out Amy Atlas Events. They create one of a kind sweet tables that fit the theme/style/colour of the wedding. Imagine a Bollywood/Hindustani inspired sweet table!! :0 Here is a peek of at what they do:

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I love Colin Cowie and his work and when i saw that he had done a little Bombay Soiree my love for him just got that much bigger.  The set up of the soiree was to die for; filled with vibrant shades of red and pink, detailed patterns with touches of lacy gold-rimmed borders.

The centerpiece was a pyramid of spice – how cool is that? The aroma of the spices and the extravagant decor offers guests an exotic experience they’ll be sure to never forget. It’s sure to be a magical journey filled with the rich culture and colors of faraway lands.

One of Colin’s favourite cuisine is Indian and he cooked up an Indian storm. The indian cuisine as Colin explains is filled with many different spices to liven up every taste bud. You get a little of every flavor dancing in your mouth by the end of the night: hot, spicy and sweet. “The beauty of this cuisine is the way it combines the remarkable variety of flavors in its repertoire.”

MENU: The recipes to these mouth watering dishes can be found on Colin Cowie’s website:

Stir-Fried Shrimp with Lemon and Scallions

Yogurt and Cucumber Raita

Yogurt and Banana Raita

Tomato and Onion Raita

Mango Chutney

Chicken Curry and Peas

Garam Masala

Aromatic Basmati Rice

Chicken Stock

Coconut Meringue


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We had to take the time to show off Isabelle’s amazing work. Her work is impeccable and a bite of her cake leaves you asking for more. She is young and creative. She works with her clients to help create something original yet tasteful. She produces cakes for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and the list goes on. She provides only the best to her clients with her intricate and detailed designed cakes. For those of you looking to have a croque en bouche or a French macaron tower for your event, check out Enchanted Sweets by Isabelle. Her cakes designs are fun, chic, and beautiful.



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