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This is the perfect flower girl basket for the rustic wedding your planning, found on Etsy, beautifully crafted by braggingbags.

Perfect Basket for the Rustic Wedding


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A little ostentatious jewellery goes a long way and you can start your search at Maya’s Boutique. Brighten your look with the trendiest and latest imitation jewellery the boutique has to offer. Their selections are wide and one of a kind.  Heavily stocked with various collections of jewellery the boutique is set to bring the best out in any and every bride.

The relatively new shop located in Toronto is open to the general public and you don’t have to set up an appointment. To find out more visit and join their Facebook fan page : Maya’s Boutique.


6055 Steeles Ave. East unit#C-124
Markham/Steeles (YELLOW BUILDING)
Canada, M1X 0A7

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If there’s ever a boutique shop that contains the rich and enchanting feel of India with the right touch of modernity, I just found it. Nestled in the heart of Toronto’s finest wedding district the lovely boutique, Liloo at Home, brings an array of services.

Liloo at Home’s unquestionable customer service and completely unique style will entice every bride and groom. It’s modern-infused indian-inspired products and endless list of services will bring you back for more and more.

Liloo has a wide selection of exotic wedding favor boxes that contain a bit of everything  – culture, India, elegance, class. Couples can customize these boxes to their taste and budget. And then there is more – a collection of super gorgeous bridal wraps, which come in all the trendy wedding colors for the use of brides, bridesmaid or wedding guests gifts.

The shops primary focus is home linens, decor accents and special gift items. Each and every item Liloo has to offer contains a Canadian-Indian inspired touch. No stranger to textiles, the shop has endless options of hand selected exotic and colorful textiles.

Liloo at Home opened in November 2005, owner Sapna Alim shares with us how it all began: Liloo at home was born out of a journey of personal discovery and a reconnection to my roots. It was a vehicle that would allow me to travel and have one foot in each of the countries that are dear to me; India and Canada. This shop is a marriage between my eastern roots and my western way of life, allowing me to merge my two worlds. Not being able to find a shop in Toronto where my idea of Modern India would fit, I decided to create one. The original concept of Liloo at home began in February 2004, with my first visit back to my native land in over a decade. It was the experience of my lifetime and the foundation upon which I have built my shop!

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Outdoor Reception

You’re probably looking for just the perfect reception venue and this is sometimes very difficult to find and other times you can find ideas right in your own backyard, literally.  Actually it doesn’t necessarily have to be your own backyard, it can be your parents backyard or even a community park.

When you choose this option there are many fine details that must be conquered such as floor plans, lighting, dance floor, catering, tables, chairs, cutlery and the list just goes on. But once it’s done it’s incredibly breath-taking.

The most important thing is to ensure your surroundings are beautiful.  For now we’ll like to share some ideas for backyard receptions taken from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Look forward to more outdoor reception ideas and tips.

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