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A few weeks back Dreamers Events was invited out to Park Hyatt for Bridalicious, a spectacular event dedicated to educating todays brides/grooms planning an Indian inspired wedding. Off course we graciously accepted.

The result: the workshop was truly amazing and helpful. Brides met with the following experts of the wedding industry : creative bridal and formal wear designers from Ctc West, wedding planning experts from Arora Wedding and Event Planning, talented makeup artists from Amplified Soul Make-up & Hair Couture, and renowned photographers from G + H Photography.

The event was intimate as it to allows for brides to directly speak with the professionals about their upcoming dream day and basket some ideas and inspirations.

Designing Trendz did a fabulous job in decorating the place to give  it a complete zen like feel. Ultimately, the event was a big hit, the second of its kind as Bridalicious hosted a workshop in April also.

Bridalicious will have multiple workshops in the following  year, so if you’re planning your wedding, be sure to grab a seat at their next workshop as it promises thoughtful techniques known to the professionals of the industry.

Film Style Weddings prepared a video to give future brides a glimpse of what to expect, enjoy.

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A little ostentatious jewellery goes a long way and you can start your search at Maya’s Boutique. Brighten your look with the trendiest and latest imitation jewellery the boutique has to offer. Their selections are wide and one of a kind.  Heavily stocked with various collections of jewellery the boutique is set to bring the best out in any and every bride.

The relatively new shop located in Toronto is open to the general public and you don’t have to set up an appointment. To find out more visit and join their Facebook fan page : Maya’s Boutique.


6055 Steeles Ave. East unit#C-124
Markham/Steeles (YELLOW BUILDING)
Canada, M1X 0A7

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Annabel Coelho, Mary Kay representative and skincare expert, shares some important tips on how to take care of your skin. She’s also offering readers a free 30 minute pampering session. Her contact information is provided below :

So you’ve set the date, you’ve picked the dress and the cake – but who’s taking care of your skin? Wedding planning can cause anxiety and/or stress, which in turn can possibly cause skin problems. The problems can manifest as breakouts on your skin or, at the other end of the spectrum, it could show up as dry flaking skin.

Its known makeup is an illusion but can you fake good skin? It’s your wedding day and you’d probably want a soft glowing complexion on your special day; but more importantly you want it everyday.

Make sure your skin is in shape for the big day and there is no time like the present to get started. Start a few months before the wedding and give the products time to do its work.

There are five essential steps to great skin. This includes a cleanser, exfoliant, freshener, moisturizer

and foundation(protection). If you’re using only some of the products from the skincare regime of a specific company think about buying the collection and follow the steps accordingly. Remember, never to mix skincare from different companies as products from the same company are designed to work with one another. Mixing products from different companies may give you no results or worse – undesired results. Consult with a professional who can offer a skincare regime that is customized to your needs; everyone’s skin is different. You may also want to use a product that is backed by a100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This shows the company’s belief in its product.

More importantly perform your regular skincare routine on the morning of your wedding. It will allow for smoother application of makeup and a flawless look. If you’re doing your own makeup remember to go a little bit heavier than usual on the makeup, it shows well on photographs. Experiment with colour. You can even take a couple of pictures to see how the makeup looks through the eye of a camera.

When everyone is looking at you and you are looking at him you want to make sure that your skin is at it’s best.

For more information contact Annabel Coelho at 647 868 2613 or annabel.coelho@hotmail.com.

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Beautiful and simple earrings to accent your wedding dress:

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