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Outdoor Reception

You’re probably looking for just the perfect reception venue and this is sometimes very difficult to find and other times you can find ideas right in your own backyard, literally.  Actually it doesn’t necessarily have to be your own backyard, it can be your parents backyard or even a community park.

When you choose this option there are many fine details that must be conquered such as floor plans, lighting, dance floor, catering, tables, chairs, cutlery and the list just goes on. But once it’s done it’s incredibly breath-taking.

The most important thing is to ensure your surroundings are beautiful.  For now we’ll like to share some ideas for backyard receptions taken from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Look forward to more outdoor reception ideas and tips.

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Submerge into the luxurious and dreamy surroundings of Andronis Luxury suites as newlyweds. The hotel reflects traditional Aegean architecture and overlooks the island’s volcanic crater or caldera.

The 15 award-winning suites are multi-villa properties that fit the traditional landscape and  provide guests a heavenly experience.

The multi-level balconies offer breathtaking views of the sunset and invokes a calm zen-like experience.

Andronis Luxury Suites is set in the quite town of Oia – or Ia as it is pronounced in English – only a short drive from Santorini’s airport and from Thira, the island’s main town.

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We love love love these beautiful bridal accessories, fit for any bride.  Kyles Accessories, a boutique in London caters to the styles of every  bride. With clients around the world  they have only the best in mind for each bride.  They’ve also got an online jewelry store.

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For ideas and inspirations on Indian bridal attire and jewelry look at Bollywood/Kollywood/Tollywood actresses and films. We know that you’re looking for makeup styles,  jewelry styles and attire styles and so we thought we’d give you a hand by putting together a collection of images of actresses adorned in full bridal gear.

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The clocks ticking and your wedding day is only a few months away and it’s time to get started on those invitations. You need to make sure the out-of-city folks get theirs on time. Yes of course you feel overwhelmed because your still trying to decide whether or not you want  your invitations to be infused with some culture or if modernity is the right way to swing.

Our advice is add a little of both.  We’ve got a few samples of beautiful invitations created by our very own Toronto invitation designers. They use all the right colors – vibrant, fresh  – and add the perfect finishing touches – saris, paisleys.   These are just a few of the top designers we  have in Toronto; Laura K Design, Out-of-the-box Ideas, Sweet Peony Press, Bella Invites Couture.

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As we all know it and see it the Golden Globe and Oscars set the fashion standards for the new year, in this case its for 2010. (Almost) everyone  is polished from head to toe with all the right jewelery, hair, makeup and attire. It’s the best place to get inspiration, ideas and spur up some creativity for your own wedding wardrobe.

Here we have three different groups of styles first we have simply pure elegance:

Next is gorgeous and strapless…

Finally the stunners.

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