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Dreamers Events would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER! Spring has finally arrived! This first spring holiday provides us the opportunity to celebrate in various ways.

Easter is originally a Pagan festival, in honor of Eastre, the goddess of spring, but today it is celebrated by Christians. It honors the resurrection of Jesus, as well as mark the 40-day period of reflection known as lent.

Celebrate by having a intimate lunch with family and friends. Brighten and freshen up the home with Tulips and Lilies. Set up your table with fun pastel colors such as lime greens, bright pinks and pale yellows.

Create little favors for your guest: Take a petite wire basket and fill it up with sphagnum moss or Easter grass and fill with a handful of foiled wrapped Easter eggs.

If you want to give your family and friends a favor they can forever remember consider, Royal Copenhagan, they currently have beautiful Blue Fluted Easter eggs, which come in five to four different styles. Visit http://www.royalcophengan.com, for more information!

Royal Copenhagan

Create a light and fun meal such as a spring salad and magnificent baked salmon with oven roasted asparagus. As for the Easter dessert or spring treats create little cupcakes topped with pastel colored icing. OR scoops of mango sorbet in chocolate eggshell!

For the adults you can create a fun cocktail:


Glass: 5 oz/145mL Fancy Cocktail Glass

Mixers: 1 ½ oz/45mL Bourbon

3 dashes Gernadine Cordial

1 oz/30mL Pineapple Juice

Cracked Ice

Tonic Water

Method: Shake ingredients except tonic water and strain into a tumbler glass. Top up with tonic water and garnish with orange slice to serve.


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Budget Tips

Flowers are an important element in a wedding. It can simply be an accessory or set the stage or create the mood for the celebration itself.

There are a few criterions to keep in mind in selecting wedding flowers.

The shape of the brides bouquet should reflect the shape of the dress. A full, elaborate ball gown with a beautiful train needs classic blooms. A lush arrangement of lily of the valley mixed with bouvardia or a lush arrangement of roses would beautifully accent a ball gown. A voluminous circle or cascade would be your best bet!

A plainer, slimmer style of gown requires less traditional blooms such as a loose arrangement of calla lilies or lavender sweet pea. If you are tall or full-figured you might opt for a fuller bouquet. If you are petite steer far from a huge cascade.

There are several cost saving tips when purchasing the floral for your wedding.

i) BUY IN SEASON– with the aid of your florist choose a flower that will be grown naturally at the time of your wedding. This alone can save you a vast sum. To ensure that you receive the best deal, get your florist to purchase the best available flowers in your color palette a few days before the big day.

ii) AVOID HOLIDAYS– In a year there are specific days in which the prices of flowers soar. Eg. Valentines Day, Mothers Day. Avoid setting your wedding day on those days!

iii) FAKE IT– Replace those expensive flowers, such as orchids or lily of the valley with something that looks very similar and inexpensive. Your bouquet will still look gorgeous and your SAVING.

iv) USE YOUR SETTING– If you plan on getting married in a backyard, or in park or a vineyard choose a time when you know the flowers and trees will have bloomed. In the case of a vineyard choose the time when the grapes are ready to be harvested.

vi) THE ILLUSION– Using a large amount of small flowers such as lily of the valley or freesia can put a dent in your budget. Therefore try substituting for larger flowers such peonies, open roses or hydrangeas. You would require only a few to make a beautiful presentation.

vii) PEARS, APPLES, LEMONS– This is more commonly seen, nowadays. You can save extensively by adding limes or lemons to an arrangement. Use berries, ivy or add elephant leaves to fill in the space and cut cost.

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