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Tips for the Brides

There is nothing more important than having radiant looking skin on your wedding day.

What is the best way to achieve radiant looking skin?

WATER! Drink lots and lots of water!! As we are all aware, water is good for the body and the skin. It also keeps you hydrated…for those hot summer days while being photographed and videographed.

Your wedding planner will also be carrying water bottles, ready and prepared, to keep the bride and groom looking radiant and hydrated.


Having a bloating problem or fear of having one??

Eat parsley!! Just by itself or with your lunch/dinner…it helps you digest.


A common fear amongst our brides is breakouts! Have no fear, there is always a solution!

If you see a bump emerging on your face, simply crush an aspirin and squeeze a little bit of lemon onto it and apply to the zit and leave it on. The swelling should go down in no time.

To remove the redness from zits, apply a little VISINE to the area and that should do it!.

Tired or Puffy eyes?

For tired eyes put a slice of cold potato on your eyes, and the potassium in the potato will help remove those bags.

The solution to remove puffy eyes…cucumbers!!


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