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It is important to look your best on your wedding day. The attire, the shoes and the hairstyle, are all important. Wedding day hairstyles require pretty adornments, whether the hair is worn up or down, straight or curly. The choices are vast, from flowers, to Swarovski hairpins, and tiaras.

Here are a few great places to shop, you can try Swarovski Crystal who carries beautiful bridal hair pieces.

Another great location is Jennifer Behr.

Row 1: Josephine: (Jennifer Behr); Confetti Bun:( Swarovski Crystal); Delphine: (Jennifer Behr);

Row 2: Belinda: (Jennifer Behr); Deluxe Hair Clip: (Swarovski Crystal); Aubrey: (Jennifer Behr);

Row 3: Cosmos Aurora Borealis Tiara: (Swarovski Crystal); Estelle (Jennifer Behr); Deluxe Hair Clip: (Swarovski Crystal)

Row 4: Holly: (Jennifer Behr); Confetti Tiara: (Swarovski Crystal); Elisabeth: (Jennifer Behr)


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There are only a few ways to encapsulate the mood and the theme of your wedding before the actual wedding. It helps your guest dress appropriately for the event, and it helps reveal your personalities. It is simply through THE INVITATION. The invitation is a teaser, a short glance for what is to come. In the past there have been very little options but as people steer away from conventional affairs, the horizon broadens. There are better selections for papers, the type style, printing method, format and the additional effects. When you are creating the invitation think about the type of mood you are trying to create, the formality, indoor or outdoor. Every detail matters.

A very good designer knows the effect of these items collaborating together in creating a distinct and personalized invitation. With that being said, we thought we should show off the designs of one of our favorite designers. Karen Bartolomei, GRAPEVINE WEDDING, located in Boston designs beautiful wedding invitations that are true reflections of the wedding couple and their wedding. Here is a little peek of some of her beautiful work, to see more visit GRAPEVINE WEDDINGS.

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Dreamers Wedding & Events would like to take this opportunity to hit the spotlight on P-Your Vision Productions and share the work of a great videographer with all its readers. Owner and videographer, Sean loves his work and dedicates his time creating immaculate wedding videos. A planner of ours had the opportunity to work with him and saw him capture every detail that will be forever treasured. He is fun, energetic and enjoys creating a story with each video. He has years of experience doing Greek, Italian, South Asian, Asian, African, and various cultural weddings. Here are just a few pictures taken by Sean , showing his ability to catch the perfect setting. Enjoy!

To see more work stop by the blog: P-Your Vision Productions Blog

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For all those in favor of somewhere hot and far far away from civilization this is your stop. There are no crowds, no television, and no cell phones. It is Tiamo, a Caribbean beach resort tucked in South Andros Island in the Bahamas. The ocean is crystal clear, and you are surrounded by entirely nature. The food is mouth watering, the resorts are beautiful , it as they say….paradise.

For more information visit: Tiamo Resorts

If you are in search for romance, architectural design, and a historical experience Paris, France is the prefect spot. Paris is for lovers, who want to enjoy marvelous paintings, sculptures and exquisite wine and cheese. Check yourself into Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris, located in the Heart of Paris. It is steps away from Champs Élysées and the Théâtre des Champs Élysées. It is the prefect luxury hotel.

For more information visit: Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris

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The ring is a symbol of your unending love. Traditionally, the diamond is the stone used in most engagement rings and the most popular classic shape is round. However, there are other options which include princess, emerald, oval, cushion, pear, and marquise cuts. The diamond solitaire (a single stone set on a plain band) is the most traditional style for engagement rings. However, over the years there has been a demand for antique or retro style rings. These designs often have a small side stones and décor around the entire ring. Remember when choosing a center stone for engagement ring, it is always best to choose a natural stone. Some people choose sapphires or rubies, which gives it a little uniqueness.

The stone needs to be secured and this is done through prongs. Prongs are the part of the setting that actually come in contact with the diamond and secure the stone to the band. If the prongs are not secured, there can be a chance that the diamond may fall out. The number of prongs on the ring will vary depending on the shape of the diamond you choose. Make sure the prongs are attached correctly, because they protect your investment in the diamond.

In terms of engagement bands, white colored metals, such as white gold and platinum, are commonly used today. About fifteen percent of people have allergies to the nickel alloy used in white gold. Thus, if a white metal is preferred, platinum or palladium (a soft silver/white metal with characteristics similar to platinum) are good choices.

Row 1: Round Cut Diamond; Loose Diamonds; Diamond Ring

Row 2: Canary; Round Cut; Dover Jewellery

A Little Tip

Cut: this is what gives the sparkle effect because the cut controls how the light enters and exits the diamond.

Clarity: which refers to relative freedom from blemishes. It is rare to find a diamond without any imperfections at all.

Color: there are 300 known colors of diamonds found in nature. Diamonds that have a color other than clear are called “fancy colors” and demand top dollar. As for white diamonds, the best ones are the ones that are close to colorless. The more yellow it is, the less the diamond will shine.

Carat: this refers to the actual weight of the stone. Although carat weight alone does not determine the value of a gem.

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Dreamers Wedding & Events would like to take this time to share the wonderful work of Stephanie James Couture with all its readers. They carry beautiful, spunky and elegant wedding gowns. This is for all the brides thriving to carry a wedding theme inspired by the 20s, 40s , old Hollywood glamor or just simply something fun and unique. The dresses are gorgeous, and inspired by art, movies, travel and more. The designs are unique, one of a kind, and Stephanie James Couture works with their clients to implement their wishes into the dresses. In addition they carry gorgeous hairpieces and various accessories. Take a look at a few of their wonderful designs and checkout the website for more info. Enjoy!

Row 1: Betty; Gabriella; Row 2: Josephine; Meg with Boa; Row 3: Dahlia; Roxanne; Row 4: Camilla flower; Dress Pin

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Inspiration: Sita and Rama Painting

Colors: Purple, Orange, Lilac

Row 1: Wedding Cake w/ Purple Hydrangea (Iris Segal Cakes); Favors: Cookies (Cutie Pie Cookie); Favors, Natural Soap (Pear and Peony); Row 2: Orange and Purple Wedding Sari (Trends of India); Rama and Sita Painting; Purple Wedding Lengha (Trends of India); Row 3: Orange Invitation (Wedding Paper Diva) ; Brides Bouquet; Cake: Three tiered w/ intricate work (I do! Wedding Cakes).

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