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As my girlfriends and I stood outside enjoying the beautiful weather in Toronto whilst discussing weddings: we came to a conclusion. It’s now time to give up on the matching bridesmaid dresses. It’s overdone, boring and completely cliche. Majority of the time these dresses costs an arm and a leg. Second, you’ll never catch your girlfriends wearing them again; prime example is the A-line pink bridesmaid dress with rose buds which i wore to my cousins wedding – now in the hands of Salvation Army , 2 years later. Third, your friends are beautiful in their own way and they each carry a different body type: should they not then buy something that complements their body?

Our solution is, think Sex and the City I. Each of the ladies in SATC wore long elegant gowns (theme = long gowns) to complement their complexion and body.  There are two ways you can go, you can either give your girls a color swatch and let them choose a dress that will compliment their body or you can set a theme.


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