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When you plan an event there’s a mood you want to establish in the room. The mood is reflective of the personality type you and soon-to-be carry. It’s anywhere from playful, corky to elegant. Sometimes the best way to do that is by using candles. Use the right candles and you can easily leverage your guests into feeling the way you want them to feel! Remember it’s all about the candles.

Photos Courtesy of: Dining by Candle Light


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You can set the mood, the theme, and make a dramatic statement by taking any simple table and dressing it. You start with the shape of the table which can be round, square or rectangle. It is also about the color palette, the corals, the whites, the plunging reds, and many more.

You can add a charger to add more dimension and color. To create a softer appearance, add lots of candlelight. There are a variety of choices, when it comes time to choose the cutlery and china. Choose something that compliments the color palette. But it is important that you choose something that fits in with the type of meal you are serving.

The chairs are just as important, you can choose from brown, white, gold, and silver, chivari chairs. Or you can do chair covers, which come in numerous styles and colors.

The style, and color of the napkin is significant, and you add a little extra detail by using napkin rings or a single flower on top of the napkin. Personalize the entire table by adding place cards or with thank you notes. To top it all off, you add beautiful centerpieces, that fit perfectly with the colors and/or theme.

To get the best ideas and vision you can turn to a few experts and no can do it better than Colin Cowie. His design is exquisite, dramatic and breathtaking.

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